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Careers with Engineering

Dr Anastasia Volkova

Aerospace Engineer
Dr Anastasia Volkova is helping farmers produce crops that don’t cost the Earth

Alex Morgan

Software Engineer
Alex Morgan works as a software engineer at the super cool tech company, Atlassian!

Saverio Vasapollo

Student, Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering
Saverio Vasapollo moved from Sydney to Adelaide to combine an Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering through TAFE SA with his work as a structural draftsman at Robert Bird Group.

Dr Helen Cartledge

Professional Engineer of the Year
Dr Helen Cartledge won the Professional Engineer of the year 2019 award. Helen recently spoke at a panel event for STEM Professionals in Schools.

Christyl Johnson

Deputy Center Director for Technology and Research Investments
NASA Director of Technology and Research at Goddard Space Flight Centre, Christyl Johnson has always aimed high.

Adrian Jon Brown

Deputy Program Scientist, Mars 2020 Mission
Are we alone in the universe? Adrian Brown is studying rocks on Mars in the hope of helping us find out.

Bing Xue

Growth Detector
From mussels to dolphins, Bing Xue uses her coding skills to conserve the planet, one species at a time.

José Lahoz-Monfort

José Lahoz-Monfort was trained as an engineer, but his heart was always in conservation. Now, he uses his tech skills to make it easier to spot wildlife.

Breanna Clayton

Structural engineer
Breanna Clayton wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school – until a family trip to the United States when she was 17 sparked her interest in buildings and structures.

Mahonri Owen

Robotics engineer
Passionate about helping people, Mahonri Owen is drawing on both STEM skills and Māori knowledge to develop a brain-controlled prosthetic hand.

芭芭拉Van De富有爱心

Industrial design engineer
In high school, Barbara Van De Sande’s teacher told her she’d never be good enough for medical engineering. It ignited a fire in her.


Civil and environmental engineer
An engineer with a knack for coding, Claire Chaikin-Bryan is using her STEM skills to make communities more liveable.

Want to save lives? Start with STEM

At first, Kyle didn’t realise how much medical laboratory scientists do to help people. But now in his third year at QUT, this has changed.

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