Quiz: What’s your ocean career?

Dive right into the amazing ocean careers that require STEM skills! Image: Shutterstock

We’re celebrating World Oceans Day (June 8) by shining the light on all the epic ocean career options out there! Take our quiz to find out where you could flex your STEM skills in the deep blue.


Here’s a list of every ocean job in STEM we can think of!

  • Marine biologist
  • Oceanographer
  • Ocean engineer
  • Marine archaeologist
  • 水道学家
  • Aquarist
  • Aquaculturist
  • Marine researcher
  • 水生兽医
  • Marine environment economist
  • Undersea specialist
  • 海洋地质学家

Meet a marine biologist

海洋职业生涯- marine biologist

Say hello to marine biologist,Blake Chapmanfrom theUniversity of Queensland! She combines her science and communication skills to bust myths about sharks. You can read more about her STEM study and ocean career path这里.

We’ve also picked the brains of anoceanographer,shark biologist,undersea specialist,marine geoscientist, anda marine PhD student. If you’re interested in an ocean career, go soak up all their advice.

The importance of an ocean career

全球变暖是我们最紧迫的挑战之一 - 找到解决方案需要了解气候和天气背后的复杂进程,以及海洋和气候变化。随着我们迅速变化的气候时钟的时钟,倒计时正在开启 - 这是海洋保持时间。了解有关干扰技能和职业如何帮助的更多信息这里.

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